What is web browser

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What is web browser

What is Web browser: Web browser is the web application which acts as a source of information. WWW that is World Wide Web was the first web browser available and Sir Tim Berners-Lee develops this web browser in the year of 1990. Many people do not know what is web browser. Many students are using the web browser for get information regarding to their subjects or any topic. Basically web browser is web application which is used to search various information, data, videos or any other thing on the internet. There are many web browsers available like google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and many more. So from this paragraph you will get basic knowledge about what is web browser. Web browser is very important web application because using this application you can get lots of knowledge, information about many thing world wide web. Microsoft developed web browser named Internet Explorer in the year 1995. Then in the year of 2004 Mozilla foundation launched Firefox and in 2003 the apple company launched Safari web browser. In 2008 google developed one web browser named google chrome. The web browser can be access on any device like android phone, iPhone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer. In this article we will provide the list of what is best web browser, features of web browser, what is Netscape, what is webkit and many more. So from this article you will get complete information about what is web browser.

What is best web browser

what is microsoft edge

Web browser is the web application which holds a source of information. There are many web browser available like google chrome, internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft edge, Opera, UC browser and many more. But here we will mention the list of what is best web browser in today’s era.

List of what is best web browser

1. Google chrome
2. Microsoft Edge
3. Mozilla Firefox
4. Internet Explorer
5. Safari
6. QQ browser
7. Sogou Explorer
8. Opera
9. Yandex browser
10. UC browser

Here we have mention the list of top 10 best web browser according to their priority. Now a day’s google chrome is the most popular web browser. Most of the people prefer google chrome for searching the data as it is easy and fast to use.

Features of web browser

The most popular web browser contains bookmark and sync service. Also there are many features available. Features of web browser are,
1. We can open different or multiple pages at a time in web browser using multiple tabs in same web browser.
2. It also has backward and forward button to go to the previous page and next page respectively.
3. It contains the home button to return to the home page.
4. It also has refresh/ reload and stop button to refresh/ reload and stop the current window respectively.
5. For searching the data from search engine in web browser it has search bar where the user searches for the data.
6. For URL it has address bar where the user enters the URL of the page. So these are the features of web browser.

What is webkit

The webkit is the browser which is developed by apple company and it is used in the Safari web browser which is also developed by apple company. Under BSD 2- Clause license webkit is developed. Webkit is the trade mark of the apple and which is registered with the U.S. Patent and trademark office. In the month of April and in the year 2010 webkit2 was announced to rebuilt webkit. So from this paragraph you can get information about what is webkit. Here we are mentioning the basic information about the top most 3 web browsers.

What is google chrome

What is google chrome

Google chrome is the cross platform web browser which is developed by google and was launched in the year 2008 which was only use for Microsoft Windows and later on it is also use on other operating system like Linux, Ubuntu, iOS and many more. It is most popular web browser. It has many features like bookmark, sync setting, security and many more. It has many plugins. From this you can get knowledge about what is google chrome.

Who is the founder of google chrome: The Founder of google chrome is Sergey Brin.

What is Mozilla Firefox

What is safari

Mozilla Firefox is also called as Firefox and which was launched by Mozilla Firefox. It is free and open source web browser. It can be used on any operating system like windows, Linux, iOS and any other. Mozilla Firefox is the best popular web browser. So this is all about what is Mozilla Firefox.

What is Microsoft Edge

what is opera

Microsoft Edge is also cross platform web browser developed by Microsoft. In the beginning it was developed for Windows 10 operating system and Xbox One in the year 2015. After 4 years means in the year 2019 Microsoft announced some new plans to redesign the browser. So this is all about what is Microsoft Edge. So these are the top 3 web browsers.

What is Netscape

Netscape is the web browser and it was introduced in the year 1994. There are various versions of Netscape.
• Netscape Navigator (versions 0.9–4.08)
• Netscape Communicator (versions 4.0–4.8)
• Netscape 6 (versions 6.0–6.2.3)
• Netscape 7 (versions 7.0–7.2)

Netscape product includes:
1. It personal editor
2. It also includes enterprise and fast track web server.
3. For designing web application Netscape application server.
4. Directory server.
5. Netscape calendar server
6. Messing server of Netscape.
Rather than this it has many other features. Here we have provided the information about what is Netscape.


From this article you learn: 
1. What is web browser
2. What is best popular web browser
3. Features of web browser
4. What is Netscape
5. What is webkit
6. What is google chrome
7. What is Mozilla Firefox
8. What is Microsoft Edge

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