What is signal app

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What is signal app ?

What is signal app: The signal app is non-profit whatsapp like app. Which can be in place of whatsapp. As now a days the privacy becomes the most important issue people choose that app which is more secure and private. Everyone expect from the app that it should not share any information to anyone or we can say third party. So the privacy becomes the big issue. It is not easy to trust on any app. Now a days we here on social media that the what’s app will changing its policy for the profit. So all the people who here such type of things have fear about their privacy and get worried and also in search of another app that is better and more secure than whatsapp. Now the signal app is in gossip that is it good than whatsapp and people who want another app for privacy then it is good to choose the signal app. It is like whatsapp we can do chatting by internet and also we can make group as like in whatsapp. This sending material contains the voice messages , files , images , videos. This app is launch by the non-profit signal foundation. The signal app download become fast now a days. we will know about what is signal app and difference between signal and whatsapp.

what is signal app

What is Signal app make use of standard cellular telephone numbers as the identifier and make the communication secure by end to end encryption. What is signal app is free open source software? It also uses google play services. The signal app also has its iOS and web apps for the pc. It is launched in 2018. Now we will see some of the great features of the What is signal app and also the difference between signal and WhatsApp.

Difference between signal and whatsapp:


1. It provide end to end encryption and the key that are obtain at that time are stored at the end points that is at the users point.
2. For verification the signal app also provide the QR code verification to know that or to confirm that the user is real or that is the user that we want to talk or to communicate.
3. This app also allows the user to set timer to the msg that they sent. So after the certain time of the interval the msg are deleted or remove from both the ends.
4. It also has the indicators for the typing and also has the features of the read recipient and both of these features can be disabled or enabled according to their need.
5. The signal app also allows the people to blur their photos to remove their identity.
Now we will see the difference between the signal app and whatsapp

Difference between signal and whatsapp:


So according to the features the apps are differentiated

1. Members allows in Group: So in case of what’s app the member is 256 and in signal it is up to 1000.
2. Group smart notifications:  Allows in signal app but not in what’s app.
3. Last seen time : Can be seen in the what’s app but not seen in the signal app.
4. Online status: It is seen in the whatsapp but not in the signal app.
5. Animated stickers : This feature is available in the whatsapp but not available in to the signal app.
6. Self-destructing messages: This feature in available in the both of the apps.
7. iPad : The iPad is not available in the what’s app but available in the signal app.

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Security of the signal app over the whatsapp:

As the signal app is end to end encrypted the security of the signal app is more than the what’s app as it has their own proprietary. So end to end encryption provide safety to your contents. So the end to end encryption provide the encoding and decoding of the msg to the end users place. And the video calls and the voice msg are private too in the signal app. This app can easily available in the play store and now a days the signal app download get increasing and increasing so it will become more popular.


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