What is RAM and Rom in computer

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What is RAM and Rom in computer

What is Ram: As all we know all the computers all the desktops or laptops even the tablets mobiles have the what is RAM. The more memory your pc has so that more better is the throughput. As we know that the computer memory plays important for the storage purpose. The more date we have the more storage is needed. Actually the full form of Ram in computer memory is random access memory. The systems short term storage is RAM know what is ram. The mainly RAM is located in the CPU the full form of CPU is central processing unit. There are many operations or tasks are performed by the what is RAM like loading the data, updating the sheets, browsing etc. one of the featured of the memory that it allows switching between the tasks quickly. If you have less memory then sometimes it is difficult to do the works that requires the large memory. What is Ram is the active memory that allows more application runs or access simultaneously with high efficiency and activeness. It is used to access the data quickly. It is temporary storage until the system is working if suddenly the system offs then the date is erased in what is RAM.

What is RAM

Types of the RAM

  • Static ram .
  • Dynamic ram.

Static RAM :

Static ram means the memory retains the contents of the ram until the supply to system is given.  But when the power supply is off then the lose of data occurs. This SRAM is used as cache in the CPU and the most expensive memory than DRAM. It has long life than other memory also. It is faster memory. And most important is that it requires high power consumption. so we know what is ram type

Dynamic RAM :

The dynamic ram means the memory that continuously get refreshed. This is made up of the memory cells. It is short memory so it can be used by many system memory.  It has no long life. It is slow memory than SRAM. Requires less power. And it is cheap in cost.so we know what is ram in computer. and what is ROM in Computer

What is Rom in computer ?

So what is ROM as the ram has the data storage in temporary format. The ram erases the data when the power supply is gets off suddenly but the rom is permanent storage. The full form of the rom is read only memory. Actually it is not volatile memory. That it stores the date permanently. When the power supply of the pc suddenly get off then it can not vanish data like in ram. The read only memory is useful when we want to store the data for long time or permanently. The date in the rom not get modified it is read only memory. The rom is also located in the CPU on the motherboard. The read only memory is slow. rom in computer. It is small in the size. so we know what is ram wiki

Types of Rom in Computer:

What is ROM in computers

  1. EEPROM (electrically erasable and programmable read only memory)
  2. EPROM (erasable and programmable read only memory)
  3. PROM (programmable read only memory)
  4. MROM (masked rom)

Difference between Ram and Rom

Difference between Ram and Rom






It stands for random access memory.It stands for read only memory.


The ram is volatile memory i.e. it stores data temporarily.The rom is the non-volatile memory. i.e. is stores data permanently.


The date that we have stored in the ram can be edit.The data in the read only memory only be read. As it is read only memory.


It is high in the speed.It is slow in the speed.


It has high capacity and also it is large in size.It has low capacity and is also small in the size.


It is more expensive.It is cheap in the cost.


The data on the ram is get erased when the power supply suddenly get off.The data on the rom is not get erased when power supply suddenly gets off.

Advantages of the rom:

  1. Non volatile in the nature.
  2. Easy to test.
  3. Do not requires the refreshing.
  4. Can not be change accidentally.                   

Advantages of the ram:

  1. The ram is most important in processing of the applications.
  2. It is easy to access and we can read or write data on it very fastly.


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