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What is passage indexing?

Guys, Google is a search engine that frequently changes its SEO algorithms, and recently in 2020 by what is Google is Passage Indexing. It has been told by google that the new update from Google will now index pages as well as passages within pages. What is Passage indexing is a user-friendly algorithm.

What is passage indexing: Passage indexing is nothing but a new ranking algorithm which is from google. Passage Indexing is also called Paragraph Indexing.

With the help of What is passage indexing, the user will now see the results of their Search Query at the top, due to which the user will not need to read the entire article.

paragraph indexing
paragraph indexing

So here is the basic information about what is passage indexing. In the article what is passage indexing we will provide complete information about what is passage indexing, how does Paragraph Indexing or Passage Indexing work, and how to Index Passage in Google.

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What is google passage indexing?

Before going to what is google passage indexing, we know what normal indexing is and how it works. Whenever Google bot visits a web page, it will download HTML, CSS, and other renders. Once rendered, it analyses your page content and then ranks it. In this way, the Google bot shows an indexed page when a keyword is searched. If everything was going well then what was the need to bring this passage indexing. Let us tell you that Google has brought passage indexing to give its user the best experience. When the google bot will analyze your page, then it will check many aspects like SEO is properly done or not, how is your page experience, how many backlinks, internal linking, outbound links are there and how are the photo videos on your page, how much are the bounce rates and there is no broken link only after it is all checked Then google bot do the ranking of the page. This all regarding what is google passage indexing.

How does google Passage Indexing Work or Paragraph Indexing Work

The question that must be coming to your mind is How does google Passage Indexing or Paragraph Passage Indexing work and how is Google crawling paragraphs, then let me tell you that it crawls the normal pages of a website like Google. The same way is done in google Passage Indexing.

Google passage indexing is crawling paragraphs with the help of its artificial bots, but these bots are not only crawling paragraphs but are also reading and analyzing what is written in the paragraph and showing it in Passage Indexing Snippets.

In Paragraph Indexing, Google analyzes all the paragraphs of the website and selects the best paragraph out of which the user’s question is well resolved and Google highlights the paragraph which makes it easy for the user to understand.

In simple terms, this algorithm is acting like a good teacher who helps his students to find answers from a book. Google also creates a separate URL for the paragraph that highlights, with the help of which the paragraph also appears in the Passage Indexing Snippet on the results page of the search engine. So this is all about how does Paragraph Indexing or Passage Indexing work.

How to Index Passage in Google

Google passage indexing
Google passage indexing

Along with basic SEO, we also need to know about advanced SEO so that our competitor does not out-rank us from the search engine. So here we want to tell you one more thing that you must have knowledge about every update of Google and keep optimizing your website accordingly. Ignoring any updates from Google has a bad effect on your website ranking.

What is Passage indexing is also a similar update? Ever since Google launched Passage Indexing, the most important question rise is how to index passage in google and how to write an article so that Google can index a passage. If you also want to bring your article to Google Passage Indexing Snippet, then follow the tips that are mention below.

1) The article that you write must be unique. The content should not be copied from anywhere.
2) You need to use the appropriate keyword in your article so that your article can be seen in Google Passage Indexing Snippet.
3) Always remember that your paragraph should contain 150 to 200 words. There should not be any grammar mistakes and no spelling mistakes.
4) Use typography means you should use fonts like bold, italic, and underline to highlight the keywords in your article.

So this is all about How to Index Passage in Google.


In the article what is passage indexing we provide complete information about, What is passage indexing? What is google passage indexing?  How does Paragraph Indexing or Passage Indexing work, How to Index Passage in Google.

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