What is Operating System

What is Operating System?

What is Operating System: The operating system is the software for system to handles or controls the software resources, hardware resources. It is essential to have operating system to any device like mobile, pc, tablet or any kind of device because without operating system the device can’t manages everything on other hand it is the component for managing or coordinating everything. as the time passes there are many changes get updated in the  what is operating system. The operating system is the midway for the hardware and software. So in this article we will learn all about operating system like what is operating system, what are the types of operating in computer, main components of operating system in computer, features of operating system in computer, and mainly the list of different operating system.

What are types of operating system:

types of operating system

As I told you earlier the operating system get updated as the time passes and so that the operating system has different types as follows:

1. Single tasking operating system.
2. Multitasking operating system.
3. Distributed operating system.
4. Embedded operating system.
5. Real time operating system.

Single tasking operating system:

These types of operating system able to run one program at a time. So it is not that much useful.

Muilti-tasking operating system:

These types of operating system able to run more programs simultaneously. This is possible due to the time sharing in this time sharing the process time is divided. And also resources are allocated.

Distributed operating system:

These type of operating system are system that handles or coordinates the group of the different, network desktops and appears as the single desktop.

Embedded operating system:

These types of operating system are primarily designed for the embedded desktop systems. Mainly used for the small machines.

Real time operating system:

These types of systems ensure that the different events in the system are happened in the time also different events are happened in the time. These system may be single tasking, multi tasking. It is made with the specialize and well defined algorithms.

What are the different operating systems:

features of operating system

These types of operating system in computer we mainly use in our day to day life.
1. Unix operating system
2. MacOS operating system
3. Linux operating system
4. Microsoft windows operating system
5. Unix-like operating system.

Which is components of operating system in computer:

These components play important role with operating system to perform different tasks together.
1. Kernel:
Which is the main components to connect the application software to the hardware in the computer.
2. Process execution:
The operating system provides the interface so that the programs are executed by using the some of the resources and a part of the memory.
3. Interrupts:
It is the only type of the signal between the device and the system.
4. Memory management:
So the OS allocate the memory on basis of the some algorithms according to the need of the resources.
5. User interface:
It is the interaction between the user and the system to keep eye on the system.
6. Multi-tasking:
It the indicator that the all the process running on the computer are independent of each other. Now the main part of the article is that the functions of operating system in computer.

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What are functions of operating system in computer:

functions of operating system in computer

1. It has Protected mode and also supervised mode
2. Process execution
3. Process management
4. Input output management
5. Memory management
6. Device management
7. Storage management
8. Security
9. Command interpretation
10. Networking

Features of operating system in computer:

1. Give the permission to allow the details to be hidden.
2. It is easy to use with the graphical user interface.
3. It provides the great environment for uses to easily interact with the system.
4. With the operating system the user recognize that now it is safe for the use.
5. By using the algorithms the operating system ensure the good and reliable process management , memory management , security and the secondary storage management .

What is Drawback of operating system:

1. Sometimes the loss of the data or content will happen.
2. It is expensive.
3. The system hacking is always occur in some type of operating systems.


1. what is operating system.
2. what are the types of operating system.
3. main components of operating system.
4. features of operating system.
5. The list of different operating system.

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