What is Jiomart | how to order on jiomart

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What is Jiomart & How to order on Jiomart?

So Friends, Today We know about what is jiomart & How to order on Jiomart. we will provide the complete information regarding what is jiomart.

We will also provide information about what is the concept of jiomart, Is jiomart only for Jio users? How do I use jiomart? How to order on Jiomart? popular categories of jiomart and how do I start a jiomart business?

Let’s start with our article about what is jiomart.

What is jiomart

Reliance Industries has recently launched an e-commerce platform called ‘Jio Mart’ in the month of January. This service is currently limited to consumers in Navi Mumbai, Kalyan, and Thane. But in the future, this service will be extended to other cities as well. 

What is the concept of jiomart

Jio Mart is an online shopping portal aimed at trading grocery products online. The Jio Mart service will provide consumers with every essential daily use item at home.

The business model of Jio Mart is in both modes, online to offline (O2O) model i.e. customers can buy goods directly from the vendors near them through the app. This is an online grocery delivery service owned by Reliance Jio.

The company has launched its web portal JioMart which will be launched soon through the app. You can order groceries from home. The items will be made available from the nearest grocery shop.

Now you may be thinking, ‘How do you get groceries sitting at home?’. For this, Jio Mart will connect grocery stores across the country with the customer through the network. We are providing some key features of Jio Mart.


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What are some key features of JioMart?

  • Customers can order products sitting at home.

  • More than 50,000 grocery products.

  • Free home delivery service.

  • It has no minimum order value.

  • No questions asked in the return policy means under this policy you can return the ordered goods.

  • Express delivery promise means efforts will be made to deliver the goods as soon as possible.

This is all regarding, what is the concept of jiomart.

How to order on Jiomart?

Let me tell you that with the partnership between Jio Mart and Whatsapp, WhatsApp will be the main means of communication between grocery stores and customers. Ordering goods using WhatsApp is not a difficult task. You can do this very easily.

Jio mart WhatsApp Number

JioMart WhatsApp number
JioMart WhatsApp number

Firstly you need to add the JioMart WhatsApp number (no – 8850008000) to your mobile. After adding Jio Mart’s WhatsApp number to your mobile, you have to send a message to it by typing Hi.

As soon as you type Hi, a link will be sent to your WhatsApp from JioMart. The user can place an order by visiting this link. This link will take you to the site of JioMart where you can sign in and place the order according to your need.

The user has to provide some necessary details like mobile number, location (Pincode), name, address, etc. to place the order. Otherwise, you can directly visit Jio Mart’s official website (https://www.jiomart.com/).

This is all regarding How to order on Jiomart?

What are the Popular categories of JioMart?

The shopping portal www.jiomart.com was launched on 25 May 2020. Let us know the popular categories of jiomart –

  • Fruits and Vegetables

  • Dairy & Bakery

  • Staples

  • Snacks and Branded foods

  • Beverages

  • Personal Care

  • Home Care

  • Baby Care

These are the popular categories of jiomart.

How do I start a jiomart business?

So far there are many grocery stores that have joined the JioMart business and will add more in the future. If you want to start Jiomart business then you have to meet its set standards like –

  • You must be currently in the distribution business with a well-known brand.

  • Must have the basic infrastructure to do business with JIO.

  • You must have strong finance.

  • Must have a good relationship with retailers as well as have desired equity in the market.

And to get more information related to the JioMart distributor you should visit the link given below –


After visiting this link – click on I AM INTERESTED.

After this, you need to fill one form. You need to fill in some basic information like Name, Firm Name, Email, Mobile Number, City, Pin-code, Address on the form that will open in front of you and then enter captcha code and tap on Submit.

Here we are providing the list of documents required to become a jiomart distributor.

Documents required for Jio Mart Distributor

If you meet the above criteria you can become a JioMart distributor but you need to have some required documents like –

  • Two passport size photos

  • Firm certificate

  • GST certificate

  • PAN card

  • Photocopy of Voter ID / Aadhaar Card

  • Address

This is all regarding How do I start a jiomart business?

Is jiomart only for Jio users?

In the beginning, it was accessed only through websites and WhatsApp but now they have a mobile app named MyJio which can be accessed on both android as well as iOS platforms.

Here we complete the article, what is jiomart.


In the article, what is jiomart we have provided information about what is jiomart, what is the concept of jiomart, Is jiomart only for Jio users? How do I use jiomart? How to order on Jiomart? popular categories of jiomart and how do I start a jiomart business?

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