What is Instagram reels

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What is Instagram reels?

What is Instagram reels: As we know that the tiktok was banned due to some issues in India and china. The tiktok was very popular app. Many of the tik tok users make money from that app. But now is it banned so all the tiktok user get upset with that decision. As we also know the app Instagram reels which is from Facebook now. Initially the Instagram reels has only posting and searching features but by the time passes the Instagram reels get updated with many of the facilities like chatting, comments and many more. Now the What is Instagram reels has add new field called reels. In this article we will tell you What is Instagram reels or what is reels on Instagram. Actually the reels is like tiktok it has all the facilities like tiktok as posting , editing , followers , comments , music , transitions , effects , filters and many more. After the tiktok was banned then the Instagram got golden opportunity. So it is good news for the all upset tiktok users that they have also opportunity to make money through reels. Now the What is Instagram reels become very popular. It is competitive features of Instagram reels to the mitron and Chingari. By using this features on Instagram we can make video of 15 seconds. Also we can add to that videos different filters , rewinds ,speed , timer and align. We can also show this reels on our Instagram profile. And we can also use EXPLORE option to make reach our reels towards many people and from that we can make more followers on Instagram. In this article we will see how to upload reels on Instagram from gallery and how to watch reels on the Instagram. and What is Instagram reels.

Instagram reels

Firstly we will tell you how to open reels on Instagram. For that You have to open Instagram app on your mobile. Now in the down bar of that page contains the middle field with logo (having the box and with triangle in it) click on it and you reach at your reels. Now you can scroll down to watch reels from all users in India or from any place. It is easy How to make reels on Instagram. Now we see how to upload the reels on Instagram from gallery.

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How to upload the reels on Instagram from gallery:

1. You have to go on reels option on Instagram then click on it.
2. Now at the bottom screen left corner you get the gallery filed and then you get access to the gallery then you can select and post the reels from your gallery.

How to download Instagram reels:

reels on Instagram

If you want how to download Instagram reels and What is Instagram reels. you don’t need to install any app , it is on the story section following are the steps:

1. Go to Instagram app.
2. Go to the story section.
3. Also there is download button , so you have to select your reel and click on that download button.

Tips to become popular on Instagram:

1. Make a point on that you have to add hash tags ,songs that are popular , transitions and effects .
2. That videos has the best finishing.
3. Your reels should be creative , funny.
4. Your contents should be inspiring , relatable , educative , responsible
5. It should not contain any contents that hurts someone.
6. It should not contain any specific religions ,caste related material.
7. It should not be incomplete and fit in 15 seconds.

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 How to make reels on Instagram:

How to make reels on Instagram

How to make reels on Instagram is the main and very important Question today. So we Know how to make reels on Instagram, see the following steps:

1. Firstly you have to open the reels section of the Instagram.
2. Then there are different editing tools in the Instagram that are useful to make your reels perfect.
3. First there is audio or music field:
You can choose the song from the Insta library. If you want to use the audio which is recorded then you can use the use audio option. If you have account that is public then your original sound is useable to other also.
4. Then after that there is AR option:
In this we can choose any effect from Insta gallery. That is combination of Instagram creators and other users on it.
5. Timer and countdown :
We can set the timer here to click you video clip. After setting it you can see the reverse countdown on your screen.
6. Now the align option:
You can add the new friends and also your outfit can also be changed on your previously created clip.
7. Now the last option is speed:
Here by choosing this option you can make your video speed up or make it slow motion.


What is Instagram reels?
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