What is google duo

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What is google duo

What is google duo: Google duo is the video calling app designed by the google. Now a day many of the people who stay away from their family do video call to see their family members. There are many video calling app but google duo is the best for video calling and What is google duo. It is available for android and iOS operating system. Google duo is free app. You can install it without any charges. Many people can connect at a time for the conference call. This app is available on google play store. It helps use for high quality video calling. You use this what is google due through google chrome web browser on your laptop or desktop machine. It provides high quality HD video calling. Here we have provided the basic information about what is google duo. In this what is google duo article you will get complete information about what is google duo.

How to use google duo

how to use google duo

Now we are providing step to set up your google duo.
Step 1 – Download google duo from google play store on your mobile phone.
Step 2 – Enter your phone number and click on agree.
Step 3 – Google duo will send SMS on the entered number to verify the number.
Step 4 – Connect your google account and then press agree.
So these are the steps to set up your google duo.
Once you set up the duo then the person who has your number can see that you use the google duo. Then you can do video call to the peoples from your contact list.

If you want to do group video call then there are 2 ways to add friends.
1st way: You need to select the peoples from your contact list and then start the call.
2nd way: You can also create a link for group call and those who will have the link can join the call. So this is all about how to use google duo.

How to use google duo on laptop

Here we are providing the steps for how to use google duo on laptop.
Step 1 – Firstly open any web browser on your laptop.
Step 2 – Search for google duo and open the google duo.
Step 3 – Then on the top right hand corner you will see “try duo for web” button then tap on that button.
Step 4 – It will ask for sign in with google account. After signed in go to next step.
Step 5 – If your number is linked with your google account then automatically you will see your contact list on the screen.
Step 6 – Then will ask to grant permissions for notification, camera and microphone. You need to grant all the required permission to start the google duo.
Step 7 – After that you will reach the home page of duo. Then tap on allow button on the top of the page.
Step 8 – One pop up message will be display on the top left corner then click on the allow button.
Step 9 – Then all the contacts will be displayed or loaded on the screen.
Step 10 – Then click the contact on which you want to do the call.
Step 11 – You will see two button one for voice call and other for video call. Then tap on the button that you want. Or you can click on start a call.

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How do group call on duo using laptop

For group call you can connect up to 31 peoples.
Step 1 – click on try duo for web.
Step 2 – On screen you will see create group option.
Step 3 – Click on add people or you can share link.
Step 4 – Click on start to start the call.

Question And Answer On Google Duo

Is google duo safe?

is google duo safe

Is google duo safe: Google duo is safe app for video calling. It provides good privacy and strong security. Google duo uses end to end encryption method to make your call safe and secure. Only the person who is on call can listen and see the video. Other person cannot see the video or they cannot listen to your call.

Is google duo free?

Is google duo free: Yes, google duo is the free video calling app. You can download this app without any charges.

Does google duo record video calls?

Google duo does not do any recording that is it does not record your audio or video call. The app will ask you the permission for recording. If you allow it then only it will start recording.

How to answer the google duo call

It is very easy to answer the call. If the person has share the link for joining the call then you simply click on the link and join the call. If the person is calling you then you see the notification that someone is calling you. Then you need to go to app and the join the call or you will see green button to receive the call. If you want to cut the call then simply click on red button. Then the call will be disconnected.

Note: For google duo call you will require internet connection to your device. So this all about what is google duo.


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