Top 10 Best Free SEO Tools in 2021

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Ten 10 Free SEO tools in 2021

What is SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. it is very useful for bringing traffic to a blog By using best free SEO tools 2021, we can bring more traffic to our website and our website will become more popular. SEO brings that traffic through organic search engine result. There are different types of best free SEO tools 2021 available in the market. There is no need to invest or purchase the best free SEO tools because you can get best free SEO tools 2021 online. These tools are free to use and because of using this tools you can gain more traffic to your blog or any social media site. There are different types of Paid and best free SEO tools 2021 like nail Patel keyword tool, MOZ rank checker , Alexa rank checker, Webmaster tools and many more. There are Webmaster Tools like Google search console, Bing Webmaster tool and Google Analytics.
SEO mainly based on three parts like
1) quality of traffic
2) quantity of traffic
3) organic result

What is Search Engine Optimization ?

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As we know that SEO is digital marketing tool. It is very important for designing purpose. free SEO tools content many varieties of elements. By using free SEO tools we can make our website more attractive and more impressive as SEO is this significant. If you are introducing a new brand website SEO important role For making the Awareness of your product or the thing or a brand that you make And the things that you want to make popular. So it is best Idea or best way for the beginners who recently want to make popular their blog or any think that they invented. Here we are providing you best free SEO tools 2021

There are many free SEO tools 2021 like

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1. Nail Patel Keyword Tools (Ubersuggest):

It is basically known as the Ubersuggest tool which is the most popular tool for bringing the traffic to your blog or your website or anything. When it was launched it was Best free SEO tools 2021 and as it is free it is the best tool. As most of the users use the nail Patel tool it was difficult to owner to handle the all users data and all the things related to their data so it is become expensive so for that purpose the owner of the Nail Patel was tools charges the cost are make it tools after that. Ubersuggest is very much advanced tool as many popular tools are available in the market. Ubersuggest service is very advanced because it is not provide that type of accuracy.

2. MOZ Rank Checker:

Most rank checker is most accurate tool of best free SEO tools it is paid you can use it for free also but you cannot get many features that are present in the paid version and the the accuracy will be not very strong for Free one. The MOZ rank checker is the special type of rank checker that helps you to track the SERP ranks of the all different types of web pages and blogs. By viewing the such types of rank checker we can compare the rankings of all the websites to our websites and built SEO strategy according to the reports. mainly the MOZ rank checker is mostly used by the web masters and the SEO specialists.

3. Alexa Rank Checker:

The one of the google rank checker is the Alexa rank is also global ranking best free SEO tools to check the rankings reports of all the make use of web traffic data to make the reports of daily ranking websites. The Alexa ranking is not much accurate as compared to google analytics . The ranking is calculated by using two parameters:
1. Unique daily visitors: The traffic of Alexa rank checker of each day or daily visits.
2. Average page views: The number of times the particular page is view.

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4. Small SEO Tools for the Plagiarism Checker and Article Rewriter:

The plagiarism checker is the process in which the intentional contents are checked ,actually is identifies the duplicate contents or material i.e. copy write material. There are many types of plagiarism tools are available in the market and some of them are uncheck , plagscan etc. To check the plagiarism of the document there is open option in that checker and then the list document that you have to check is open and then select the document and click on check plagiarism. The article rewriter (essay tool ) is the one of the best and non paid tool that make you to re write your using this type of tools you can prevent the plagiarism also and increase the SEO performance. The article rewriter is the simple process and easy process where we have to just copy and paste our article into the text box and rest whole work is done by the spinner. The best free SEO tools Article rewriter is best option. This Article rewriter scans the whole article and replaces the words with their same meaning word so you can do your work effectively and effortlessly.

5. Webmaster Tools:

Google Webmaster is also called as Google Search Console. It is the free tool provided by google. Through google webmaster we can able to know the ranking of our website and we can also be able to analysis the good and the bad content in our website. We can also come to know what changes are necessary in our website to gain more traffic. So it is one of the best tool provided by google which is free to use.

6. Backlink Checker:

With the help of backlink checker we can able to analysis the links of website and we can also analysis the important keywords. We can also track our websites keyword which are ranking or we can also audit our website. Through this we can able to see which keywords are bringing more traffic to our post and we are not. There is no need to pay money for using this tool. You only need to create account on backlink checker official website with your email id and then set password to it and your account will be created. And you can use this free seo tools 2021 for free.

7. Google Rank Checker:

Google rank checker is use to check whether we keyword is getting more rank and how much ranking the keyword is getting. It is very important to check the keyword on which your working is getting appropriate ranks or not because if it is not ranking then working on that keyword will be waste of time. So it is very much important to analysis the ranking of the keyword when you are using it in your post.

8. How to create Sitemap for Blogger:

Basically Google XML sitemaps are the types of web pages that are present in our website or blog. Now we will also provide you the steps to create Google xml sitemap. Here are the steps to create a sitemap for blogger.

1. firstly you need to open the sitemap generator and you need to type or paste your complete address of the blogger. 
2. Then you need to select the general sitemap button and XML file will instantly created on your sitemap.
3. And now you need to copy the complete text to your clip board.
4. Now you need to go to your then open the dash board select navigate settings and then search preferences then enable custom robots.txt option in that.
5. Then you need to paste your XML sitemap and then click on save.
Google XML sitemap also account the number of blogs available or post available in your


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