Top 5 Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas

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Do you know which are the Top 5 best micro niche blog ideas, if not, then today we will give you information on this topic, what is a micro niche blog?

Micro niche blogging is very much blogging done at the point level. Meaning, nowadays there are so many bloggers who are blogging Micro niche these days and are thinking of doing something.

Whenever you think of micro niche blogging, you need to have patience because just as it is necessary to have a presence in blogging, in the same way micro niche blogging.

In today’s article, we will also give you information about the Top Best 5 Micro Niche Blog Ideas, so let’s start today’s article, Micro niche blog ideas.

What is Micro niche blog

Micro niche blogging means blogging in a specific category, such as health, technology or education. And if spoken in easy language, then the blog has to be created and posted on the appropriate micro topic in the micro niche blog.

Top Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas
Top Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas

If you want to blog the Micro niche at the end level, then you can enter health and catch 1 specific below, like, cancer, diabetes, etc.

How to blogging Micro niche

If you know what is micro niche blogging, then let us understand through an example that how to do micro niche blogging? Like if we take the health category, if it is seen that the health category is very big, there is a little problem in ranking the new blogger in this category.

So, if we see, there is a lot of micro niche blog topics within the health category such as cancer, diabetes, cold, malaria. Micro niche blogs can work.

Micro niche blog ideas

Today we are going to tell you about such Micro Niche Blog Ideas. Do you know that you can also do a passive income by blogging Micro Niche? So, let’s see the Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas.

1) Yoga

2) Web Hosting

3) Event Blogging

4) Coupon Codes

5) Traveling – Travel

So let’s see the Top Best 5 Micro Niche Blog Ideas.

micro niche blog ideas

1) Yoga

Yoga – Yoga is a micro niche blog topic whose demand is increasing day by day and many people are learning yoga by searching on YouTube and Google. If you also create a micro niche blog on the Yoga category, then you too can quickly rank in Google.

Because in today’s era, doing yoga is very beneficial and I say that everyone should do yoga, therefore in our Micro Niche blog, first of all there is yoga category.

2) Web Hosting

Web Hosting Now you must have thought that how can we blog Micro Niche on web hosting, then let me tell you that you write related articles of web hosting such as hosting reviews.

And not only that, you can also do Affiliate Marketing by doing it like you can give the hosting link on it, if you like hosting, then you can purchase hosting from the same.

For example, you HostGator, hostinger, GoDaddy, etc. You can also use Affiliate marketing of the website. So there is the Yoga category in the second position in our Micro Niche blog.

3) Event Blogging

Event Blogging means that whenever there is an event in our Indian country, it means Holi, Diwali, Rakshabandhan. If there is such a festival, then we should do event blogging.

so let’s know what to do, you will have to create a blog and talk about the event like why is Holi celebrated, why is Diwali celebrated? By doing this, you have to tell about event blogging.

There are a lot of people who are earning money from blogging only by event blogging, and if you too want to earn a lot of money from blogging, then you can do this by creating a micro niche blog for you. So there is Yoga category on the third position in our Micro Niche blog.

4) Coupon Codes

This micro niche is very good, in which the website coupon you give, you have to create an account and join their affiliate program and then see the coupon and put it on the website. For example, there are many sites like GoDaddy, Namecheap, Paytm, PhonePe, etc.

If you want to create a website related to coupon code, then you should use wordpress only because the plugins are available due to which we can easily create coupon code website. So our Micro Niche blog has Yoga category on the fourth position.

5) Travel – Travel

Who does not like to travel, now traffic is going to come in the travel blog because people will see people moving around as soon as the lockdown is over. Therefore, look at all the travel places you have and write an article in a very beautiful way beyond that.

You must have thought that what to write, you have to write as if there is a fort, write an article on it very well from 1000 to 1500 words and in 1 or 2 months it will also become article rank because competition is very good in a travel blog. Therefore, in our Micro Niche blog, there is the Yoga category in fifth place.

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Micro niche blog ideas were found on this topic in today’s article. Know about micro niche blog and got information about the Top 5 Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas in Hindi. Come on, friends, get this much more today, if you like this post in the next post, then share the post and write it as well.

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