How to type hindi in computer in 2021

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How to type hindi in computer

How to type hindi in computer: As we know that typing is needed thing in our day to day life. To making application, to write a letter or anything or making important document need typing skills in any language. The most of the people do typing in English and there are also many software available in the market. But some of the people who don’t know how to type hindi in computer, English and they also want to do typing of any thing so they can also do typing with their mothertounge. So we can also do typing in hindi there are many hindi typing software are available. We can also do changes in our laptop or pc setting to make our keyboard hindi. We can also How to type hindi in computer in windows 7 or any version. Here in this article we learn how to type in hindi in WhatsApp and how to type hindi in word. So by reading this article we will solve your problems recading hindi typing in computer. There are many methods also to do typing in hindi. We can also use the google input tool for that purpose.

How to type in hindi using google input tools:

1. You have to go your chrome browser and click here firstly you have to go to the link 
2. By using this tools we can do typing in hindi where you want to type. Like Gmail ,Facebook etc.
3. Here you directly go to that page when you click on that link.
4. You can use that blank space to do the typing.
5. Here you have to select the language hindi to type hindi.
6. So you can type there in hindi , and paste it anywhere in the space that you want. Second method is that installing or adding Hindi keyboard to the computer to type in Hindi in computer.

How to type Hindi in computer:

how to type hindi in computer

1. Open the setting of your window. Here you find the gear sign.
2. Click on that. If you want to make your keyboard to behave as Hindi keyboard.
3. So by clicking on the icon. And tap on the language .
4. Then there is the add button with the + sign. 
5. Then you can search there for Hindi.
6. You can also make Hindi as your default keyboard .
7. And also you can download it for the future preference.
8. For that then tap on next and install the language pack and click on the checkbox as your preference.
9. So the keyboard is ready for use that keyboard. Now we will see how to type in Hindi in WhatsApp in the android 

How to type Hindi in Android:

how to type hindi in whatsapp in android

1. First go to the google play store.
2. Now search for the Hindi input tool download.
3. Now after the downloading go to the setting.
4. Now go to the keyboards and inputs method.
5. And select google Hindi input.
6. Now you are ready to use the keyboard.

Best Hindi typing software for pc or computer:

Here in this article we will also providing you free links to download that software according to your system capability like For 32 windows, for 64 bit windows operating systems.

1. Hindi Remington
2. Remington Gail
3. Inscript, Krutidev 010
4. Devlys 010
5. Mangal font

This fonts or software has some characteristics:

1. Here for using this types of software you don’t need to have internet connection or any WIFI connection to your pc.
2. It has many choices according to our need and we can use those as our requirements.
3. If you cannot do typing in Hindi you can also type in English and by using the settings automatically it appears as Hindi.
4. You can type any where you want by using this software like on any social media or any platform that you want.
5. It has many themes or layout also and you can also practice there for any type of exam like SSC or government exams.
6. It has auto correcting or auto completion facility which is very useful and time saver.
7. So using all those option  how to type Hindi in computer is easy to all without facing any difficulties.


1. How to type Hindi in computer.
2. How to type Hindi in WhatsApp for android.
3. Introduction to various offline software and links for it.

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