How to Start a Blog in 2021

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How to Start a Blog in 2021

How to Start a Blog in 2021: There are many ways available to make money online. There are many options to do it. Everyone want to make money online from home without zero investment. So blogging is the one of the way to make money online from your home without any money investment. There is also no requirement of the equipment and workers then How to Start a Blog in 2021. If you want to make money through blogging then you are at the correct place. In this article we will see how to start a blog for free and how to start blog with no money. Now firstly we give you proper steps to how to start a blog in 2021. Here in this we will see steps to how to create a blog in 2021, how to write a blog in 2021, how to start a blog in 2021

Important Tips Before Creating a Blog

how to start a blog

Step 1). Very first step is to select the right or proper platform to write a blog or for blogging. There are may blogging platform available like wordpress , blogger and wix. So according to your need you have to choose best. The word press is the best tool from all the tools as it contain many advance features like CMS tools and it has very good content management system.

Step 2) Now second and most important step is to select domain name for your blog. We have to find the effective domain name to your blog which is quite similar to your topic of the blog. There are many things that we have to take in consideration. The name to domain should be easy to remember and easy to pronounce.

Step 3) Also it is small not too big and most important is that it is easy to type and easy to search. And also don’t use the symbols or number for it.

Step 4) The most one important thing is domain extension we can also purchase the extension of the domain. But if you don’t want to purchase it then just by creating the account on any blogging platform you can get domain name of that platform by default without purchasing.

Step 5) Now after that you have to write a blog. So your blog topic can be any like related to education, lifestyle , food or anything that you want to do.

How to Create a Blog and How to Write a Blog

Now, how to create a blog and how to write a blog. How to Start a Blog in 2021 Here we will see the steps to create a blog by using wordpress platform. You can also use the blogger platform but as blogger has less advance tools , not having CMS tools than wordpress so we use wordpress. How to Start a Blog in 2021

How to start a blog and make money

Step 1) Here firstly you have to open any browser and on that search for official website of wordpress that is but you can also download or install the wordpress on your pc.

Step 2). After going to that site you have to sign up or create the account on that site. So they are asking email address ,username and password. You have to fill those details.

Step 3) Your account is created. Now the most important thing is theme of the blog , after that you have to choose the theme for the blog which is effective and attractive. So you can choose any of them. How to Start a Blog in 2021

Step 4) Also there are some useful layout and plugins are available in wordpress that make you work easy. So on the right side bar of the screen there is plugin options.

Step 5) Click on that. Now there are many tools that you can add to your blog. Like contact form , jetpack, rank math, word fence. That make your blog effective.

Step 6) Now after that go to the admin panel of the wordpress. Now click on the posts and now add the new post. Now new window will be open.

Step 7) Now give the topic to your blog. Now write the blog description also.

Step 8) Select the category of your blog and also you can add a category if there is no available.

Step 9) Now you can also set the image to your blog or post.

Step 10) After that you can also use the tools to make your blog attractive. Like you can choose the font style of the text, you can choose the size of the blog content you can make it italic, bold as you want. You can also add the links to the blog and many more.

Step 11) Now lastly you have to click on publish button. So your post is published.
Now after that we will see how to make money from blog. How to Start a Blog in 2021

How to make money from blog

How to make money from blog

There are many ways to make money from the blog.
1. Google AdSense: from this you can monetize your blog with google ads. By this if your blog get ranked then you get money from google.

2. Service to people: if you are expert in blogging .you can work for any organization or people. And you create the blog for them and earn money.

3. Affiliate Marketing: its a very money making strategy that used by all bloggers, Amazon affiliate is the best affiliate for the highest payments. in this we put the affiliate link to ours website and when the visitor of blog is get the product of amazon using our link then amazon pays the commission of these affiliate.


How to start a blog in 2021
How to create a blog in 2021
How to write a blog in 2021
How to start a blog and make money.

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