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Happy friendship day to all, so today is friendship das everyone is excited about the friendship days everyone wants to wish their best friends and give them greetings.

So as you know that friend is, most important in your life after your parents. God is not present always with you so he makes relations like parents, friends, brother sisters.

one of the most strong bond relationships is friendship. Friends can share their pain, their happiness their sadness as being your friend he/she also gives you a solution to your problems.

From our best time to our bad time our friends are with us so let’s come and wish ten with some magical quotes. So today is Sunday 1 august 2021the day of friendship, the day of happiness, the days of expressing feelings towards them.


So today in this article, we have some 10+ friendship day quotes & Messages quotes that made your day and helping you express your feelings to your friends. So in this article, we have friendship day quotes & Messages in English.

Does everyone have a question in their mind that how to wish friendship day to your best friends?. So we will reveal that thing in this article.

how to wish friendship day to your best friends

  1. As you know the friendship is pure and true relation so most of the words become less to express it but , simply you have to tell your friend that how he / she is important part more than family sometimes.
  2. You also can buy gift , cakes that they like and wishing them happy friendship day .
  3. You can also make a gift for them like greeting card with quotes and some chocolate.
  4. You can give them treat of their favorite meal.
  5. Or just simply you can also prepare quotes for them , as we mentioned for your reference below that

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10+ friendship day quotes & Messages

Here you get the top 10+ friendship day quotes & Messages, also friendship days quotes for best friends.

So for expressing we need words with lots of love lots of feelings ….here are some quotes that may fulfill your thoughts.

Real friendship is so rare but I got you as my best friend real this is a huge thing that I got from god …dear friend I just want to say happy friendship days as you are the most important part of my life.

There are many valuable relations, but our relationship that is related to our is friendship, which is of infinite cost …. Got you in the form of a mental person but have you in the form of my caretaker, my supporter, my life, my everything ..happy friendship day to my best friend.

Dear best friend my heart is full of our memories today, how we become each other’s caretaker, how we become more than family, how we become a teacher of each other … may god completes your all wish, give you lots of happiness, lots of immunity and lots of success ..happiest friendship day to you Jaan.

From unknown persons to become the best part of each other’s life, dear friend, I don’t have words to express my vibes … we fought many times, we argue much time in the past but now ….we fight for each other … we argue for each other thank you for making my life loving ….thank you for always being there for me love you …. Just happy friendship days.

Happy friendship days to my best friend, thank you for always being there for me ..thank you for taking a stand for me …..thank you for always motivating me …..you are the reason for my happiness you are the reason for my ….existence …love you …live a long life and always stay with me.

For everything God made relations, for care and love god made mother and father, for motivation god made brother, for solving your problem and sharing pain god made sister…..but for all roles, god also made you……for always being with me as my family as the part of my family …..thanking you for everything dear best friend.

Thank you for being my confidence, for becoming shoulder on that I can cry, I can express happiness, I can depend …..happy friendship day dear best friend.

Happy friendship day to the reason behind my happiness, the reason behind my success, the reason behind my confidence….may god bless you, may all your dreams come true…love you.

I know you are away from me ….. we are in a long-distance friendship …..but you will be always in my heart, in my memory, and in my life happy friendship day ….jaana.

Dear best friend without you I can get the real meaning of friendship, without you I can't able to make a decision, without you I am nothing …I know that you are far from me but still we are hearts of each other ….we matter for each other ….we can't live without one single day but god take our exam and we have to prove god that there can be nothing which becomes an obstacle between us ….happy friendship day to my best friend.

Happy friendship day to my buddy …. My happiness may god fulfill your all wish.

Happy friendship day to my heart may god make our bond stronger.

There is not a beautiful thing in my life …. Thank you for your love, your care happy friendship day.

Happy friendship day to my best friend thank you for becoming the lights of my darkness.

happy friendship day best friend You are the funniest, most helpful, most lovable thing in my life.


So with these Top 10+ friendship day quotes & Messages make your friend feels special on this occasion of friendship.

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