How to Add Sitemap in WordPress Website 2021

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How to Add Sitemap in WordPress Website 2021

So, Friends today is the most important topic of our website learning we learn about How to add sitemap in WordPress website. In today’s era, most of the peoples are creating or publishing their own websites or blogs in blogger, WordPress and any popular platform. Each and every creator should know the things or Best Free SEO tools that are important to make their websites or Blogger blogs more effective and for gaining more traffic. The sitemap is one of the most important Best Free SEO Tools. As a creator of the website or blog, you should try to use each and every tool which is provided by blogger or WordPress to make your website or blog more effective. Now in this we will show you how to create sitemap for blogger and how to add sitemap in WordPress website. Some people Search Blogger sitemap how to create. In the WordPress adding sitemap is easier then blogger, there are two plugins are available for add sitemap in WordPress website called Yost SEO and Rank Math. Yost SEO is required Yost SEO Premium features is required and in the Rank Math SEO is provide the free sitemap for your WordPress website for add sitemap in WordPress website.

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What is Sitemap?

how to create sitemap

Basically sitemap is the list of URLs or files that you have posted on your website or blog. Sitemap is the relation between the websites and the google. With the help of sitemap we can come to know which sites on our website getting more traffic. It also tells google search engine about our post that we have updated or we have newly added. Using sitemaps for business purpose is very essential. Here are some important points based on sitemap which you must know.

Benefits of a Sitemap:

1. It helps getting our websites or blogs more indexes.
2. With the help XML Sitemap we come to know about the important webpages on our websites and blogs.
3. It also helps search engines to do their work faster.
4. With the help of sitemap google come to know about our post.
5. If any new post or any updates is made in your article then XML Sitemap helps the Google to identify the changes made in the article.

There are two types of sitemaps:

1. HTML sitemap
2. XML sitemap

HTML sitemap:

Basically html sitemap are used by the user because of this they can easily navigate all over the website.

XML sitemap:

Using XML sitemap google bots can easily identify the crawls our over the website and they can also identify the important URLs of the site.

It is further divided into four types:
1. Image sitemap
2. Video sitemap
3. Mobile sitemap
4. News sitemap

1. Image sitemap

This site maps are used for the images. It is use for formatting the images. If your site having image sitemap it get featured by google search engine. There are some compulsory and optional image tags for image sitemap.
Compulsory- <image:image> and <image:loc>
Optional- <image:caption>, <image:title>, <image:title> and <image: geo_location >

2. Video sitemap

This is similarly to image sitemap but it is use to feature the videos by google search engine. By using this sitemap the contents of the video are better understandable. Here are some mandatory <url>, <loc>, <video:video>, <video:thumbnail_loc>, <video:title>, <video:description>, <video:content_loc> and <video:player_loc>.

3. Mobile sitemap

The mobile sitemaps are not needed much and are less in use actually. It is used if you required the specially formatted designed version for mobile devices.

4. News sitemaps

The news sitemaps are most in use. And it is mandatory that the news having the new sitemaps. In the news sites map there is no post which is priory added before days. The news site map is one of the sitemap that does not contain more than thousand URLs. If you have more than 1000 URLs then you have to break it into many pieces by using the news sitemap index file. If your news having news sitemap them it get featured by the Google search engine. The news section of google contains this site map. We are providing steps to create sitemaps for blogger and add sitemap in WordPress website

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How to create sitemap for blogger:

1. Firstly you need to open the xml Sitemap Generator and then you have to type the complete url of your blog.

2. After that you have to tap on the Generate Sitemap button and after that it will automatically create the xml sitemap file for your sitemaps. And then copy the text.

3. Then after completing the previous step you need to, go to your dashboard and in then go to Settings then tap on Search Preferences and you need to enable Custom robots.txt field. Now paste your XML sitemap and you will see the changes made to your site. If you follow these steps correctly you can easily create sitemap for blogger.
Now, here we are also providing steps to create sitemap in WordPress.
There are many tools or plugins available to add sitemap in WordPress website. You can use Yost SEO or rank math to add sitemap in WordPress website. Rank math is free SEO plugin available in the market. And you can use other plugin also but you need to purchase that plugin.

How to add sitemap in WordPress website:

Here are the steps to make sitemap option visible
1. Firstly do login to your WordPress account.
2. Then tap the SEO option which is present in the menu option.
3. Then to see more option tap on general.
4. Now select features option.
5. Switch XML sitemap.
6. Then save the changes made.


From these we learn:
1. What is sitemap
2. Benefits of sitemap
3. Types of sitemap
4. How to add sitemap in WordPress website

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